Having curtains and fabric blinds on your windows for a very long time can be borrowing. Trying out something new all together could, therefore, be a source of inspiration. As we all know, change is as good as rest. Real wooden venetian blinds are a good choice as far as change is concerned. This is because they are attractive and will give your windows and the entire house an elegant look.

Wooden roller blinds

1. They are easy to clean

Unlike curtains or fabric blinds which could be very difficult to clean, wooden window blinds are quite easy to clean. Although they attract dust easily, it will only take you a little effort and time to get them stainless. You only need to wipe them to make them clean.


However, if they are stained you may require cleaning products, but cleaning will still be easy. Wooden blinds also take a shorter time to dry up compared to curtains and fabric blinds. Unlike plastic which could be harmful, wood is eco-friendly, and therefore wooden roller blinds cannot bring any negative effects to you and your environment.

2. They are fancy window blinds

Wood is naturally beautiful and has beautiful lines and patterns. It has an antique style which will add decor to your house. Wooden blinds have a wide range of color and finishes. The finishes include painted, stained or oiled wooden roller blinds.

You can, therefore, go for the ones that will improve your house look and ones that match your furnaces, floor coverings, kitchens, etc. Window blinds also come in a variety of styles, and therefore you are assured of getting the right one for your window.

3. Makes it easy to control light

Most of them are coated to prevent you and your house from ultraviolet rays. Angling down the slats blocks the light from coming into your house. However putting them to face each other allow more light to come in horizontally. This is unlike other blinds that require being raised to allow light into your house and therefore compromising your privacy.

4. Durable

Wood is resilient and strong. Unlike blinds made from other materials like plastic, wooden roller blinds do not bend when pulled. They are strong and difficult to damage. The finishes on the wooden blinds also make them resistant to water damage. It is hence not prone to termite and fungus damage. They are also able to withstand all kinds of weather. You are therefore not forced to buy a new window blind now and then.


5. Effective in insulating the house

Wooden blinds are suitable for insulating your house during both winter and summer. Their level of insulation is much higher than that of other blinds. With wider slats, it will be easy to take charge of the amount of light you want in your house. It is also possible to maintain the amount of privacy you want.

Acknowledging the multiple benefits of wooden roller blinds, we have no reason not to try them out. Of course, we need to ensure that we purchase them from reputable shops with quality blinds and that we choose the best blinds for our needs.…